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Dr. Dara Leung

PhD Graduate 

Dara’s general research interests revolve around dementia and late-life depression. This includes her work on behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). She investigates the prevalence of affective symptoms across dementia stages, the impact of BPSD on dementia carers, and how these symptoms could be managed.  


In the TIP-CARD project, she reviews the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions in managing cognitive function and BPSD in people living with dementia and aims to identify factors contributing to successful interventions. She also works with local NGOs in a territory-wide project on late-life depression to identify effective interventions in promoting mental wellness in older adults. Her goal is to produce clinically relevant research findings to inform the development of practical and sustainable interventions in managing BPSD and enhancing mental wellness in older adults. 



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