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Policy research

Tools to Inform Policy: Chinese communities Actions in Response to Dementia (TIP-CARD)

Dementia is a group of chronic diseases that require long-term care, putting great pressure on family carers, care facility personnel, health care and social care systems. It is associated with great economic burden for the society. Many higher-income countries have developed dementia-specific policy to tackle the challenge. With the world’s greatest number of people with dementia, Chinese communities need policy solutions for dementia that are based on evidence and guided by the needs and expectations of stakeholders. “Tools to Inform Policy: Chinese communities Actions in Response to Dementia (TIP-CARD)” is a three-year research project funded by the Research Impact Fund of the Research Grants Council. It aims to build capacity in planning and implementing equitable and sustainable strategies in dementia care, and provide accessible tools, data, and local guidelines co-developed with stakeholders to support the generation of policy solutions for Hong Kong and other Chinese communities.


Attractions and Hurdles of Retiring in the Greater Bay Area in the Post-pandemic Period: Investigating How the Choice of Cross Border Retirement will be Affected by the Portability of Public Benefits and Social Support Network

In 2019, approximately 538,000 Hong Kong permanent residents resided in the Guangdong Province, including 89,000 persons aged 65 years or over. The Thematic Household Survey 2019 of the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department suggested that 266,200 Hong Kong residents were interested in spending their retirement in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). Recent developments in the GBA have increased the flow of population between Hong Kong and other GBA cities, including the likelihood of cross-boundary retirement. The Covid-19 outbreak since early 2020 has, however, significantly changed the lives of many Hong Kong residents and their choice of retirement plans. This study aims to unveil the attractions and hurdles for Hong Kong residents to retire in the GBA. Other than identifying the pull and push factors influencing the choice of cross-boundary retirement, such as the portability of public benefits and the existence of social support networks, we would also examine, in particular, the impacts which the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about on the retirement plans of Hong Kong residents. This research project (Project Number: 2021.A8.110.21C) is funded by the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme from the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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