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The 2nd International Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Conference in December 2017

  • Co-chaired by Dr. Gloria Wong (HKU) and Dr. Aimee Spector (University College London)

  • The conference attracted over 200 international delegates from multiple disciplines to share the current science and practice in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)

Picture 1.png

Figure 1. Professor Will Hayward, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU (fourth from right) officiated the conference with Dr Aimee Spector (sixth from right), Dr Gloria Wong (fourth from left), Professor Terry Lum (sixth from left) and international speakers.

Picture 2.png

Figure 2. A subgroup (CST mechanisms of action) of the international research network subgroup exchanging research ideas and formulated initial plans on collaborative studies.

Professional training workshops on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy since October 2018

  • Over 980 CST facilitators from different professional background, such as social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nurse, speech therapy, etc. have been trained. 

Research seminar of STRiDE approach in June 2019

  • Over 60 attendees have joined this seminar by Ms. Aderlina Comas-Herrera.  In the seminar, Aderlina provided an overview of the STRiDE approach which aims to build capacity in using research to support the development, implementation and evaluation of dementia policy.  She also shared her experience in leading a multinational research project, and described the key project outputs for improving dementia care. 

Online symposium of “How Can We Achieve a Dementia-Friendly Society in 10 Years?” in September 2020

  • About 250 local and oversea participants attended the online symposium.  In this symposium, leaders in dementia policy and services development shared the latest development in seven lower- and middle-income countries, Chinese communities, and innovative approaches from a life-course perspective and cross-sectoral collaboration, to stimulate ideas on how to make our society dementia friendly in a decade.

​**The recording of the symposium could be found at

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