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Dr. Cheng Shi

Currently, Dr Cheng SHI is a Research Assistant Professor at the School of Graduate Studies and Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University. In general, Dr Shi investigates how social policy can respond to dynamic care needs against socio-demographic changes and its impact on formal-informal caregiving and service utilisation, from both the demand and supply side, to assist evidence-based policymaking. Her research focuses on three interrelated areas, including 1) long-term care policy, 2) retirement arrangement and care preference, and 3) advancing support for people living with dementia.


Previously, Dr Shi was a Postdoctoral Fellow of the SWSB team and worked on the TIP-CARD project ( that aims to provide policy tools to inform strategies for dementia care in Chinese communities. In the TIP-CARD project, She used multiple data sources to examine the cost of dementia with detailed analyses of formal and informal care and factors affecting cost estimation. Meanwhile, she also conducted a large-scale systematic review on the effectiveness of interventions for dementia in Chinese communities.



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